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I realized Pharrell was wrong

Angus Gardner agreed that he should be punished for England's Owen Farrell after the controversy as Andre Estherhusen in the Boch Center.

Gardner took part in the Twenty20 Test between England and South Africa on November 3. He decided that he should not punish Pharrell's footsteps for defeating Esther.

Gardner, who nominated Sunday World Rugby Award, admitted he was wrong.

"Now I've been thinking, discussing with any other referee … I think a penalty might be a mistake," said Gardner. Greenwood will podcast.

"I think he would have a wrap up with both hands, but he did not have a big contest from the two hands, but there was not a veil with a hand but there was no other veil.

Gardner tried to explain why he was different in reality.

"The corners that I saw in the TMO were headworks, a clear footing of the anchor, but the rear of the back.

"In the angle I had at the stadium at that time, I felt a wrap up enough to form a legal battle.

"It's never been so expensive, so all of the response we're looking at is because this encounter has changed my decision because we have a big rugby collision and we see these hits in the game.

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