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How much South African IT employees earn

CareerJunction has released its latest South African salary survey, which details what salaries are being earned in South Africa.

The salary review gives a "true representation of cost-to-company salary packages in South Africa", said CareerJunction.

"It contains up-to-date salary information as well as regional differences in monthly remuneration using actual salary offerings on our website for the latest measurement period – May to November 2018.

Sectors covered in the IT market, and it details what salaries people earn in positions from software development to UX design.

The reprot further details the salary differences between regions, namely KwaZulu-Natal, Gauteng, and the Western Cape.

IT salaries

The details below are the information from the IT section in the report.

Positions are listed along with the "intermediate" and "senior" salary ranges.

IT Salaries
Software DevelopmentR36,374 – R44,306R42,118 – R53,782
Technical & Business ArchitectureR40,485 – R48,897R46,939 – R56,160
Business AnalysisR35,560 – R42,236R43,429 – R54,138
Systems AnalysisR34,722 – R44,484R43,311 – R53,194
Database Design, Development & AdministrationR30,333 – R36,767R30,906 – R39,799
Systems & Network AdministrationR27,667 – R34,970R35,478 – R40,625
UX & GUI DesignR34,421 – R46,227R36,987 – R49,414
IT Project Administration & ManagementR36,590 – R47,387R41,707 – R52,517
Data Analysis & Data WarehousingR34,231 – R43,158R45,392 – R52,974
IT ManagementR48,059 – R58,371R55,718 – R66,141

Regional differences

The report also detailed the regional salary differences in the IT sector.

It stated that Gauteng and the Western Cape are neck-and-neck when it comes to IT salaries and demand for IT jobs.

KwaZulu-Natal, however, falls far behind – offering 5% -15% below the average. This is shown in the image below.

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