Friday , June 9 2023

Fortnite patch notes for the v7.20 content update: decoy snowmen


Fortnite'S newest patch offers players a few balance changes but, more importantly, asks if they wanna build a snowman. Yep, patch v7.20's content update is bringing snowmen to Fortnite as both decoys and disguises.

The snowmen will show up in the game as an item that players can pick up off the ground, from chests or out of llamas. The item will allow players to shoot out snowmen, or dress up as one themselves. When a player is disguised as a snowman they will not be able to use any other items or even build, but they can run and jump just like normal.

Epic is trying to fix some of the FPS issues that have plaguing players for the last several weeks. The Sniper Shootout limited time mode is also a new creation heading to the block that appears to be a giant pyramid full of mysteries.

For a full look at all that's coming in Fortnite's patch v7.20 content update you can find the full change list below.

Epic Games

Weapons and Items

Sneaky Snowman

  • Use Primary Fire to throw a projectile that creates a destructible snowman.
  • Use Secondary Fire to wear the Sneaky Snowman.
  • Sneaky Snowman has 100 Health and acts as a shield when worn by a player.
  • Sneaky Snowman is destroyed when its health reaches zero or when the player wearing a snowman swaps to a different item or building mode.
  • This means that a player can wear a sneaky snowman can not build or use other items. Movement of all types is allowed.
  • Available in Common variant.
  • Can be found from Floor Loot, Chests, and Supply Llamas.
  • Drops in stacks of 5.
  • Max stack size of 10.

Swapped the drop chance of Shield Potions and Small Shield Potions

Shield Potion

  • Reduced drop chance from Floor Loot from 16.53% to 13.22%.
  • Reduced drop chance from Chests from 14.26% to 9.51%.

Small Shield Potion

  • Increased drop chance from Floor Loot from 13.22% to 16.53%.
  • Increased drop chance from Chests from 9.51% to 14.26%.

Vaulted the following items

  • Quad Rocket Launcher
  • Port-a-fortress
  • Grappler

Reduced the Drop chance of Gliders

  • Reduced drop chance from Chests from 11.89% to 4.43%.

Reduced the drop chance of Balloons.

  • Reduced drop chance from Chests from 7.58% to 3.24%.

Reduced the spawn chance of Quad Crashers from 100% to 50%.

Reduced the spawn chance of X-4 Stormwings from 80% to 50%.

Limited Time Mode: Sniper Shootout

What's New?

  • Suppressed Sniper Rifles have been added.
  • Legendary Scoped Pistols have been added to Supply Drops.

Mode Details

  • Floor Loot spawners reduced by 50%
  • Reviving "Down But Not Out" teammates in Duos & Squads is deactivated – be careful peeking!
  • Profile Stats (K / D & Wins) are tracked in this mode


Fixed an issue where building would cause a major drop in FPS.


Added dates for the Explorer Pop-Up Cup.

Updated additional materials gained on elimination to get the eliminated player, rather than being given immediately.

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