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Fiat Kremlin plans to merge with Renault in France

Fiat wants to merge with Reliance SA, the world's third largest carmaker.

Transactions are made up of 50-50 ownership through a Dutch holding company. Fiat Renault is about 10% of the insurance premiums and the plant is not closed. Fiat's investment depositor, Agneli, is the largest single investor in the joint venture.

In a separate statement, the French carmaker said that they would approach the board in the morning to discuss the proposal.

Vehicle manufacturers around the world are also putting pressure on new technologies and switching to trending, such as car sharing. China, the US and Europe fell in all of the world's biggest markets. Fiat and Renault expect annual Annual Annual Conferences of 5.6 billion dollars from purchasing power.

"Fiat and Renault keep in mind that this is a huge market, and that is not a bad idea for alternative marketers," said Banas Matsler analyst Jurigen Piper. "The implementation of this Agreement is an important obstacle, but the proposal looks good on paper."

The market value of Renault and Fiat was $ 32.6 billion.

French carmakers Nissan, Mitsubishi Motor and Fiat and Renault have added their three options. Last year, Fiat and Renault went through dramatic changes following the death of former Fiat chief Sergio Marchon. Carlos Gosnan, chairperson of the Franco-Japanese Alliance, was arrested in connection with financial crimes in Tokyo.

The third largest in the world

The two companies that have produced 8.7 million cars last year will be paired with South Korea's Hyundai Motor Group and General Motors from Detroit. Volkswagen and Toyota, the world's largest carmaker, sold 10 million units last year. Renault's current partnership with Nissan and Mitsubishi's partners has also been a milestone.

Fiat, Renault and Japanese partners will have more than 15 million vehicles a year. There is a strong presence in all major markets. Premium brands such as Jeep, Maserati, Alfa Romeo and Infiniity are in a public hut.

Fiat and Renault will have a broad and inter-branded brand portfolio. The Italian company said in a statement that it will launch the market from luxury to mainstream firms.

Fiat said that it will stimulate the robotics through share distribution. The unit was considered by the unit units in the last one year 1.5 billion 2bn, those familiar at that time said.

Ghson's arrest raises a break between the Renault and Nissan. It opposed the proposal to merge French Franco's merger with merger.

The specific agreement between Fiat and Renault is in the backdrop of one of the largest tectonic shifts in history. Forcing auto manufacturers to develop electric vehicles for low emissions. They are left by deep-packed competitors such as compulsory for self-driving technology, or the album of Alberta.

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