Tuesday , March 28 2023

EFF should not be surprised by the great interest in the allegations relating to the VBS scam


The media and the interests of South African public are wrong with VBS. This is exactly the fact that your pastor who has always preached about the tragedies of adultery will have a relationship with a church member.

Due to the crisis in the beginning, this year, VBS has been in the Cubator. South African RBI's probe report was presented by advocate Tory Modo. Brain is known by FF leader Floyd Sivag and his brothers and Brahman. It is listed as one of the money lenders to give his name free of charge. In the VBS story, the public and the media took great interest. The IFF leadership led a press conference to try to clarify things.

EFL's Julius Malme FF leadership has revealed that Floyd Schwabu's bank accounts have been scrutinized. Therefore, nothing was found. No further investigations are required. The FF said the media had targeted it as it was the EFF leader who responded directly to the report. Unlike the Lycopo provincial deputy chairperson and treasurer, the ANC is very simple.

Google has alleged that the attention of the media on the EFA and provincial gordon is not to uproot the conspiracy. Disagree. Last Friday Mail & Guardian According to reports, some VBS money laundering related to Brian Shivakam, the relative of the junias malema,

The great public interest and media outlining the fact that the political turmoil, corruption and wrongdoings are exposed. This has earned a reputation. In the case of corruption, members see themselves as righteous. A week before VBS's defeat, they fought strongly for changing Nahlannah Nain as Finance Minister. They also met with tainted Gupta families and also revealed the PI's possible mockery.

The EF attested only from the EFF to the general public and media. Hence the interest of interest does not go wrong. This is exactly the fact that your pastor who has always preached about the tragedies of adultery will have a relationship with a church member. This discovery will have a great interest in the church.

Instead, EFF responded to this scrutiny, responding or attacking someone who points out this, and then labeling agents and statom journalists. This behavior reminds Jacob's Zuma faction of the NAC. They use similar tactics to scare and silence critics. The CIC has helped them on the days of on-point engine and the Ratan Tata Trust. The CIA was then charged with tender irregularities based on an inquiry by Tuli Madosasa, a public defender. Jerry Nell of Afrophore's private prosecution privately privatized Julius Melma, and the jury still remains to confirm whether NPA will restore the charge.

In VBS saga, Val Boss was the beneficiary of Wallace's main VBS shareholder who was in a relationship with VB-Wendy King Khoshkula Tony Mafia Rambulana. He pointed out how much that relationship was born and how he does not need a meeting to meet the king. Prior to Malama, Floyd also made a big political influence in her own province of the province of Lalitpapa, Lilippa. Is this all a coincidence? VFS Is EFF dirty in the subject or go to the sheep's clothing? You can reach your own conclusion. DM


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