Thursday , June 8 2023

Do you feel emotional? The romantic partner can reduce your bip


One who has a romantic partner – even in your mind – can help you keep blood pressure in daily stress conditions, researchers say.

According to a study by the University of Psychologists in Arizona, in your stressful circumstances, thinking about your romantic partner may help keep your blood pressure in order to effectively control your room in other areas.

"One way that one in a romantic relationship will help people's health is to help control stress and stress." Mental-healthcare expert Kail Boosa said.

"Your partner is going to be a source of support for them and is actually as strongly as it is presented to them," Borassa added.

102 people participated in the study published in the Psychophysiology Journal. To complete an emergency work, a calf was mixed with 3 inch cold water to 38 ft to 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Researchers estimate blood pressure, heart rhythms and heart rhythms in the pre-and postulates of researchers.

Everyone engaged in work is partnered with partners, some of them interacting in other matters, or they have suggested to support their romantic partner through a task message. In the third case, they were instructed to think about their days during the task.

Blood pressure has influenced the effect as if the partner is physically or mentally.

"Borzasa said that the explanation would help based on how high-quality romantic relationships in scientific literature relate to stable health benefits.

If responded, those who face daily stress can have a significant risk.

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