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DNS Flag day – Telkom's website does not support the latest security features

Recently a coalition of Internet companies announced a strike to support the Domain Name System (DNS) operators who do not meet the latest standards.

DNS is a system that translates domain names to Internet protocols, which can be processed by tools.

This will be implemented from February 1, 2019 DNS flag day.

Two decades ago, DNA was unnecessarily slow and companies announced that it would not be effective due to attempts to contain some DNS standards.

This change will affect domains hosted on authorized servers that do not meet the original DNN criteria since 1987, or will apply to new EDNS standards in 1999.

Cisco, Google Flair, Facebook, Google and Quad 9 are companies that are part of the joint venture.

DNS flag day website One way to try the domains is to follow the new criteria.

Checking domains of top hosting and internet service providers in South Africa has resulted in an error message for a great player's website – Telkom.

"This domain does not support the most recent DNS criteria, and as a result, new security features will not be supported on this domain and may be easier for network attackers," the DNS Flag Day website warns.

We spoke to South African Internet players to see if the organizations are ready for change.


Nishal Gobardan, an internet exchange point manager for the INX-ZA, said that all INX servers would be completely obeyed and that the day for DNS flag was ready.

"It is not only the Inter-Exchanges, but the South African Government (, the many IXPs in Africa and social benefits programs," Gobardhan said.

INX-ZA logo


Terraco and NABFRA's technical manager Andrew Owens said MyBroadband's DNS is ready to serve its internal network.

"Our outgoing DNS services are designed by Cloudwood, one of the strongest supporters of the movement, so it follows, our reversals are hosted by DNS internally and we have checked to ensure 100% compliance," Owens said.

Owens makes it clear that Terracotta does not offer any networking service to clients within the data center, so clients will be responsible for preparing their own DNS flag day.

Terracotta logo


Hostname is set to host its host and hosting for DNS flagged day.

The header logo on the building

Internet Solutions

Internet Solutions is ready for its DNS servers. All the exams were passed by its domains and clients that were hosted with them.

Internet Solutions Logo


That change has been made promising that it has not been prompted and not affected by its clients.

"Our changes are final, we're ready for change, we do not have to look at us unexpectedly," Afrohost said.

Afrihost logo


When they finished preparations for the flagged day of DNS, MyBroadband Webafrica CTO Allan Kirsten said, no wonder.

"Our DNS requirements are mostly cloudfield, or IS on the caching side," said Kirstan.

The Webafrica logo is new

Packet clearing house

The Clearing House packs the DNS secondary services for nearly 400 top level domains.

The global infrastructure of all PCHs that are in line with DNS flag daily recommendations are completely adhered to.

Package Clearing House Logo


MNN spokesperson Jackie O'Sullivan has been on a DNS flagship day for their network and hosting.

"MTN has done its vigilance, does not expect any problems on the big day."

MTN Store


Vodacom said the DNS FLAG is ready for the day and will meet on February 1, 2019.

Vodacom Store

Liquid telecom – rejected to comment

The liquid telecom can not be in the interest of their network and hosting environment within days of DNS flags.

Liquid telecom

Telkom – no comment

Telkom did not respond to the DNS Flaging Day Warning Comment.

The company announced earlier that MyBroadband had updated its system key change and would monitor its DNS environments during its switch.

"The DNS systems on the street have been renewed with the new keys, SAIX and Telkom Internet," a spokeswoman & # 39; My Broadband & # 39; It is not.

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