Thursday , August 11 2022

Climate scientist Wallace Smith Brooker passed away at science


The Wallace Smith broker, who raised the early alumoges of climate change, propagated the term "global watering".

Columbia University professor and researchers died in a New York City hospital. A spokeswoman for the University of Washington, Lamon-Doori Earth Observatory, said: Kevin Crook said that the broker has been infected in recent months.

In the 1975 article, the broker has become more popular with "Global Warming". It predicted that the atmosphere of emerging carbon dioxide would warmly warm. Later, it was the first person to be known as the Converter Belt. This is a global network that affects all factors ranging from air temperature to rainwater.

Princeton University professor Michael Oppenheimer said. He was not tricked by the coldness of the 1970s. He showed the surprise warmth when he showed willingness to listen more. "

The sea conveyor belt in the North Atlantic sinks acts as a plugger for the cold, saline water from North America to Europe ocean. With this help, hot surface water softenes the weather in Europe.

Otherwise, Europe will be deep freezing, with an average winter temperature dropping to 20 degrees or more, as in Scotland, London, as in Norway, 600 miles (965km) north of the Arctic Circle.

Brooker said the "conveyor belt's" Achilles climate change is a weak phenomenon that can quickly change because of reasons it does not understand. He said this would be a bit too early for the North Atlantic to sink into the water. It will also stabilize the Converter. Brooker said that the collapse of greenhouse gas emissions could affect the hind legs.

"Transition through the breaker simply because of climate change alone can be propagated the idea of ​​the broker. The broker, as a result of climate change and climate as a result of sudden climate changes, incredible & # 39; & # 39 ascaryannalkkum, helped to communicate with the public at nayarupakarkkum. Change," Penn State Professor Michael smell He said.

In 1984, Broker announced that construction of greenhouse gases with politicians in the United States would enable them to understand "a bold, new national effort, atmosphere, oceans, ice and ground biomass."

In 1997, Brooker, along with the Associated Press, lives in a climate of climate system. False fuel burning is done by experimenting with disastrous consequences for large-scale greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide. "

"We are playing with an angry beast – a climate system that is very sensitive," he said.

In 1996, National Medal of Science broker was a member of the National Academy of Sciences. He served as Research Coordinator of the research center for life's environmental research center.

Brooker was born in 1931 in Chicago. Oak Park grew in suburb.

He joined the Faculty of Columbia in 1959, when he spent his time at the University Laboratory at Palaudiatez, New York. He was known for his "grandfather of meteorological sciences" and "dean of meteorologists" in scientific communities.

"His findings to explain the climate history of Earth were fundamental," said Oppenheimer. "There was no further excitement to interfere with a scientist: he wanted to spread popular ideas like the breakdown of climate change, but it was always a two-language conversation, and I would see him."

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