Sunday , May 28 2023

Chief Executive of Escom Pension Fund resigned


Leela was the director of the independent director of the NX Group and Nampak at EPPF's website. Prior to the old Mutual and Public Investment Corporation.

"Mandatory speaks relatively easily, not just with effective communication advisor."

Escom CEO Fakhamani Hadebay on January 14 to organize escom tariffs in the next three years. It can not afford to borrow its R350bn to generate electricity from revenue.

The ANC said in the election manifesto that a commitment to conduct a probe into the financial institution for resources to invest in social and economic development.

This means investing in state projects is to impose pension funds and enterprise-owned enterprises such as Escom.

Futuregrowth Asset Management Chief Information Officer Andrew Kantar said this month to select: "It is an enterprise that is not economically sustainable, so if a company is in stability, it should not be monetized, but we have full SOEs that can afford loans"

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