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Casper "Video: See Space Rover Cruise

Takeoff's Solo Career is up with an action-packing yet. Solo left the solo albumThe Last Rocket), Uncle Mygo disappeared The Night Show To make his song "Last memory" And Make a memory After him Carpool karoke Performance Viral went away. Today (November 27), he avoided a space-based new video for "Casper", one of the best tracks from his new LP,

In the video, TakeOff is an astronaut, literally blasting the spine for a roulette space adventure. The Moon's Quality Control Wrapper, home to the orbit of Earth, is home to a grandfather of sample bhawanas and White Rolls Royce Wrestle-Kaske Casserter. After the fountain was ejected with rocket shoes, Togov's returns to Earth, a Neon orange long shirt, black dress, and jeans.

Outside the entire space theme takes video inside The Last Rocket. Last week, I presented a space-finded live reference term "last memory" The Night Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. When the climb got on the stage, the Takeoff track passed. A rocket count down behind a large screen. After the countdowns were zero, the set exploded for the galactic galaxy, which was outside of the world outside the ropper.

Check out the new Takeoff video below.

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