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Carbohydrates lose weight instead of calories


A study has shown that burning up to 250 calories per day in carbohydrate intake in a lower carbohydrate diet than a carbohydrate diet.

The findings of the 164 people who published the BMJ Medical Journal on Wednesday said that the challenge to reduce body weight to meet the recession and metabolism. Calorie intake of a low carbohydrate diet "obesity treatment is a success."

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"The findings show that all calories are not the same for the body and can reduce long-term weight than calorie intake to control carlhydrates," co-director of New York Dr. David Ludwig said. Balance Foundation Obscity Prevention Center at Boston Children's Hospital.

This study is one of the most difficult issues for weight loss: body weight breaks, the body goes back, burns some calories and appetites us with hunger signals.

"This is a recipe for failure," Ludwig said.

It's a mystery: why is it that the body is starving at the right time? Some researchers, including Ludwig, contain carbohydrate insulin samples. Carbohydrates, starvation and metabolic reactions like hormones like white and bread trigger gain body weight.

Processed carbohydrates are rapidly digestible as a sugar, enhancing insulin levels, said Ludwig. Insulin, in addition, helps the fat cells to store additional calories. Fat Fat When locked in the cells, the brain does not understand them and thinks that the body needs more food.

The authors of the study collaborated with the Frankingham State University. There were 164 excesses – students, staff, faculty, and community members agreed to eat only food supplied. First, the participants lost 12% of their body weight and the average partner losing 20 to 25 pounds.

"We know they are going to emphasize their metabolism," Ludwig said.

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During the 20-week trial period, the study was organized into three groups: 20% carbohydrates, 40% or 60% of diet. Each diet contains about 20 percent protein. Dietary foods should be used in healthy foods. Ludwig said. At this stage the goal was to keep the body weight and not to lose more weight.

209 to 278 calories will be more caloric than energy consumed in a higher carb diet. If you do not do research to keep your weight, you can reduce your 22-pound weight in three years.

The effect was high for those who produced high levels of insulin for carbohydrates. On the day of eating at least a carbohydrate diet, 308 to 478 calories were added to calories.

How do you know that you are a high insulin secret? "Look at the mirror," Ludwig advised. "If your fat distribution is primarily mid-so you look like an apple-like pear – you're likely to be a high insulin-like cucumber."

Before studying, three diabetic groups had physical activity levels. Ludwig said.

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Researchers have encouraged them to stop their participation. During the study, the low-carb chyme showed a tendency towards moderate physical activity. As a result of the meal, Ludwig said via e-mail. However, he emphasized that calories burned are only a small fraction of the total result.

The Plowfense article in 2015 The co-author of fat and low-cost diabetes reflected the accuracy and design of new studies. The energy cost facing the calculation is difficult and the labor increase.

"I think they will bring some intriguing points that you can not see in these experiments," Dr Azeez, associate director of the old Food and Drug Administration of Technology and Reform, said. John Sacker-Bernstein said. Device companies.

Your belief that carbohydrates are more active on the basis of your insulin reaction, said Soknar Bernstein, who studied the most important carbohydrate diet.

According to a Ludwig study, things that the authors predict are very close, but still do more work.

"This is a study, so the findings need to be repeated and verified in a vast populace – there was a lot of demographic diversity among our partners," he said. "In other studies we have to see how this effect can appear and how other people will react."

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