Friday , June 9 2023

Apple emphasizes Apple's payments on new YouTube videos


Apple has uploaded several YouTube videos today on its YouTube channel, each designed to show the Apple Pay Cash feature available on iOS devices.

Every 15 seconds of video calls to prove the process of cash and spending Apple pp Paid and use in the apps app Apple pp Wallet money card to make a purchase.

Apple was highlighted for the first time Apple pp Cash initially introduced by iOS, 11.2. The feature will allow iPhone and iPad users to send peer-to-peer Apple pp Paying each other using the Messages app.

Money has been accepted Apple pp Money can be used Apple pp Payments or deposit in bank accounts, like other mobile payer-to-peer payments services such as Wenomo.

Apple pp The US limits have been fixed at this time, but in countries such as Canada and Australia, you are advised to develop the application for users.

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