Friday , March 24 2023

Antarctic fluid Atmospheric heat and high speed sea level


New research published by the University of Arizona shows how the melting of the Antarctic ice sheet affects future climatic conditions.

Researchers believe that not only the melting ocean of the Antarctic ice sheets affects the climate system.

Senior writer Jollan Russell is an Associate Professor at the Geology Department of Studies.

"We have proven that the melt of the Antarctic ice sheet will lead to thermal heating of the surface atmosphere."

A surprising finding that critics can make a wrong impression that the effects of global climate change are not as predictable as predicted.

"Always have to wander at all times," Russell said. "If we were on a ship, we were trying to catch the pan, pan and pan.

Research has been published online, Nature.

The National Science Foundation is funded by the South Sea Carbon, Weather Observations, Modeling (SOCCOM) Project, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and NASA.

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