Sunday , May 28 2023

& # 39; Twitter & # 39; The Conservative Colonist Stephanie Hamil, who carried out a B-card blast on the video


"I can not wear anything I want to wear," the card tweeted.

The card B continues again. On Tuesday morning (January 22), City Girls & # 39; Twitter & # 39; The video was shot by Cardiff B, and was conservative correspondent Stephen Hamil. "How much does it strengthen women in the meteor ages?" Hamil tweeted and added a "twitch" video clip. In the ham, "Leftists" and Cardi Bi "said they" have a free hand to kiss "- Kardi kissed Bi.

"Women want me to wear something I want to wear," the card tweeted, "do [whatever] I still do not need to, NO still mean. Stephane Cheyyattu … If I slowly put on a naked photo, is it worth the rape and sex? I want to know about a conservative lady like you. "

In the following tweet, Cardiff talked more about the criticism adopted: "This conservation has hurt me and informed me about the most abusive things in the past few days.

"Listen, I do not want you to say liberal, and let your president agree that this country is now free!" Liberal or conservative people are all citizens. "

Recognizing that the "Twitter video" was opposed to women, Harry replied, "There is no one thing." "It's because I'm an animator, come on my show, talk to me!"

Having tweeted in Hamil, cardi came to defense. Her idea is "not meaning", she said, "you should be jealous", but we know that the card might not defend itself.

"Twark" was released last week from City Girls performing Cardiff B. The video card shows – sometimes the City girls Uung Miami and the body are covering.

Cardiine includes only a few recent examples of conservatives online. On January 16, Cardiff President Trump and the Fox News Personality Tommy announced the end of the war on Twitter along with the government.

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