Wednesday , October 5 2022

& # 39; s dream & # 39; The Glenus BrightBab race excludes the NASA boss


The Democratic Alliance MP, Advocate Glenis Brightback, now does not work in the appointment of a new director of public prosecutions (NPPP).

Brettenbank announced in an interview on CapeTalk702.

Brennenberg was included in the list of 12 people who chose a panel to help President Cyril Ramafosas, appointing a new NPPP.

She was speaking at Karimah Brown Show. The panel of decisions made by DA has been informed about this. This stance is to be free from the political influence of the party.

"This is a dream work for me, but not about the person here, it's about the National Prosecuting Authority," said Brennenbach, "when 24 approached us we did not get a comment.

The interview is scheduled for Wednesday. Tuesday's news media reported.

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The NGO has approached the court by Right2Know after the president pointed out that the interview will not be opened to the media.

Judge JW Lew said that when he announced the rule in the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria. The judge asked the NDPP office to be free and independent.

The public knows that the NDPP office is suffering from instability.

"The process prescribed by the president is a big improvement and the president has not given the necessity of shutting down people," he said.

"This process is open and transparent." The NDPP's office needs to restore confidence. "

According to the law, the President has to decide on a meeting with the Cabinet. News 24 reported that Brentenbach was recognized by the ANC Cabinet as a recognition.

The NDPP's shortlist is good and bad and dirty

A Shortlistist appearing as a panel worker to help President Cyril Ramaphosa was appointed by a new national director, Public Prosecutions (NDPP). The president is conducting an inquiry into three of them, who decide to take over the National Investigation Agency (NPA). Interview.

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