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& # 39; Cultural Revolution: & # 39; Humback Whale's some new singers study each year (VIDEO)

Hambuckle whales, known in the precise and quadratic motors of the sound, make the same songs sound a few years before adding decorations to make them more complicated. However, according to Queensland County research, a few years later, the whale changes new simple songs, and the ability to learn new material prove.

The study published in the Royal Society B: Biological Science, published on November 21. He studied the composition and complexity of the tracks sung for 13 consecutive years by Australian hambabe whales. From 2002 to 2014, the Hawkaback whales were recorded on the coast of Southwing Queensland, with regular HARDRON arrays, Autonomous Records and recording based on boat boats.

Although the song sang in the whales is gradually changing, researchers have changed their new songs within a few years after the so-called "Cultural Revolution".

The songs became more complicated, and the longer the sound units, the unit type and the themes were added. The complexities decreased due to the revolutions, so the new songs would be shortened and fewer units, unit types and themes included.

"Usually, this song has been gradually replaced, perhaps by the singers' personalities", Dr. Gary of the Centauri Ecology and Acupuncture Laboratory of the University of Queensland. Jenny Allen said the report about the report.

"We're suspect that, like teenagers, teenagers will be able to get out of equal age children, but only a few years have changed the patches – always easy – to have a range of whales' ability to study the new material," Allan explained.

Allen points out the best study of culture in zoos. Humphock Whale's songs have also propagated the population and animals, "he added.

"Cultural broadcasting is at the same level as people can see," she said.

"To learn more about the study of animal cultural and social hub, such as a whale, about nayiccatennane its development, by providing answers to these questions in the evolution of what we manas'silakkam.mrgannalil parinamaphalam, advitiyataykk and social development of many of the people responsible," they added .

He immediately did not react to the request of Sputnik for comment

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